” I discovered a creative life and never looked back.” Featured Artist: Mary Burrows

This week we have Mary Burrows on the blog . With her husband, she runs mb art studios: a small, family run business that believes in the beauty of handmade and keeping it simple. Their work is influenced by a love for aesthetics, simplicity and words that can encourage and move us to live a…

“She saw me say who I was.” Featured Artist: Zsudayka Nzinga

Zsudayka Nzinga is a mixed media artist and designer from Denver, CO. Her portrait work features acrylic, paper, fabric, oil bars, charcoal and pigment. Nzinga fuses traditional art forms passed through the Diaspora to create work which speaks to the power of history and how visual art aides in defining culture and identity. Her subjects…

Emily and Me in Isolation

Memorizing poems is a practice that’s nourishing, meaningful, and entirely unproductive from an economic standpoint.

Garbage Work, Not Garbage Person

With some regularity, a wounded writer appears, whether in my office or in these online spaces. Although the contexts vary, the type of wounding is remarkably similar: some gatekeeper has taken it upon him or herself to judge the writer unfit. This judgment often takes the form of unsolicited advice about a change in career.