“There are a lot of pros to being a single mom.” Featured Artist: Lin Sun

Could you use a laugh? I know I could. Thank goodness we have Lin Sun on the blog this week.

Lin Sun is a self-described Cambodian Single-Mom Comedian. She has performed at famous comedy clubs in Los Angeles such as “The World Famous Comedy Store – Hollywood” and “The Laugh Factory Hollywood.” In less than a year, Lin was featured on The Laugh Factory Hollywood’s Instagram; her video went viral with over one million views. She has also been featured on their YouTube channel. Lin is the Co-Producer of the show “Comedy Mavericks” in Los Angeles, and is the host of her own talk show on Youtube called “The Late Night Mom Show.” Her comedy has been described as edgy, fun, charismatic, and honest. When she is not performing, she is with her three-year-old son… doing absolutely nothing. 

Could you explain what your creative practice is like?

Hello! I am a stand-up comic, actor and writer. 

What are important motherhood contexts people should know about you?

I am a proud single mom of a 3-year-old boy. I met his dad on OKCupid. We had a two-night stand. His dad lives in India and we do not speak anymore. Yes, he knows he has a child. I chose to be a single mother! There are a lot of pros to being a single mom, in my situation. Plus, I am particular about who my son’s father figure is…. and it’s not the baby daddy, for sure! It’s also good branding and comedy material! hah! 

How has the practice of your creative life changed since motherhood?

It is MUCH more challenging with a child. But I am also inspired to do more after having a child. I want my son to grow up in a household where people follow their dreams and achieve goals, not in a household where he hears about how much I’ve “sacrificed” for him. I believe in a win/win! Pre-Motherhood, I dilly-dallied a lot. Post-Motherhood, I wake up in the morning, get my son ready, make him breakfast, get myself ready while he eats breakfast (in front of the tv, b/c you do what you gotta do!), drop him off at daycare, go to work, go to an open mic/show/class (if I have one) after work, pick my son up from daycare around 10pm (he’s usually asleep) , sometimes I work some more on my craft after we get home and he’s asleep. I do it again the next day. What I noticed about it though… is how much freedom and joy I have in my life now.  

What has been most challenging about sustaining a creative life in motherhood?

The most challenging is figuring things out financially. My son’s dad doesn’t pay child support. I pay all the bills by myself. I gave up being a restaurant manager for an easier job so I can pursue my arts. It’s a struggle, but I figure it out. 🙂

What’s been the best surprise about having a creative life in motherhood?

That I stretch myself out of my comfort zone and actually enjoy it! 

What are the particular issues that come up for you as an artist in your field with children?

I can’t go to as many open mics as I want to due to the time constraint with babysitter, and having the finances to pay for a sitter for long hours. If I had the means, I would be able to do later shows and later open mics. More networking, more practice, more honing my craft. 

What’s been the your most important mantra?

Happy Mom = Happy Kid! When mom isn’t happy, no one else will be! I know that I am no use to my son emotionally, mentally and spiritually if I don’t take care of myself first. A little selfishness is ok!

Who inspires you?

As a mother and comedian, Wanda Sykes!! I love her comedy so much. She’s an excellent writer, classy, intelligent and real. Jimmy Fallon and James Corden as late-night talk show hosts! Oprah… ALWAYS! I’ve always wanted to be a talk show host like Oprah… but not a “save the world”-ish. I also admire her as a business woman. 

Follow Lin and learn more about her work here:

Instagram: @linsuntv 

Youtube: youtube.com/linsuntv 

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