“Some people meditate. Others do sport. I need to make.” Featured Artist: Fiona Reid

This week I am so pleased to share our first profile. Fiona Reid is a ceramicist and mother working in Edinburgh.

For people who don’t know your medium well, could you explain what your art is like?
I make functional ceramics for use in the home. I’m inspired by the colours of our coastline and geology and things I find on beaches. 

What’s the context of your life as mother?
I have 3 kids. James 11, Isobel 8 and Thomas aged 5

 How has the your art-making changed since motherhood?
I’m much more motivated and full of ideas than I was before children. I have less time in my studio but it’s more productive when I get it because that time is precious. With age I have learnt to let go of the finished product and focus more on the process of making and my love for that.

I throw and make all day Mondays in a studio my husband helped me build in half of what used to be a garage. Just after kids where born I set up in a green house but it was a very difficult environment in winter! I still work 3 days a week for the National Health Service as a skin cancer specialist so ceramics comes after kids and work. I make time for it because it balances and resets me. I use evenings and snatched time here and there sometime early mornings to finish and glaze my pots.

What has been most challenging about sustaining a creative life in motherhood?

What’s been the best surprise about having a creative life in motherhood?
How much it inspires my daughter to create

What are the particular issues that come up for you as an artist in your field with children?

My rate of progression and development is slower but a varied life is a wonderful one and you make compromises to have that. 

What’s been the your most important inspiration to continue having a creative life as a mother?
Time spent making rebalances me and makes me a better mother. Some people meditate. Others do sport. I need to make.

You can learn more about Fiona and her work by visiting:
www.fionareidceramics.wordpress.com Instagram: @fionamason77

As always, if you know mothers who work in a creative field, please recommend them for future features. If you’re one such mother, nominate yourself!

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